Goodbye Shrugging Dion

From CP’s write-up on the new Nanos poll.

Nevertheless, Nanos said the poll indicates Harper, “who’s had a bit of a free ride” thus far, is now facing a serious contender for power. As a result, he said Conservatives might be tempted to launch a campaign aimed at painting a negative picture of Ignatieff before he has a chance to define himself – a ploy they used successfully against Dion.

But Nanos predicted such a blatantly partisan tactic in the midst of a global economic crisis would likely backfire.

Over the holidays, the main page of the Conservative website appears to have been scrubbed of its references to Stephane Dion and the party’s online mercenaries have begun to take aim at Mr. Ignatieff. See here. Very angry-looking. Quite scary. The Liberals are cleared led by a maniac. A well-dressed maniac, but a maniac all the same. 

Still, the Liberals could probably get away with using the same image in support of some missive about their new guy “getting tough” with the government side or condemning some outrage or another. 

Which is to say, try harder young mercenaries. Perhaps add some horns and a tail. Or photoshop in a silly hat. Or just put Ignatieff’s head on Shrugging Dion.

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