Green Shift Inc. claims to have received "...numerous angry and threatening calls and emails ..."

… from people who mistakenly assumed there was an association between the plaintiff and the Liberal Party, or their environmental tax program.”

I can’t help but wonder – still –  whether these calls “angry and threatening calls” just happened to start around the same time that word began to spread through conservative-leaning channels of the Canadian blogosphere that there was, in fact, another “Green Shift” out there; one that found the Liberals’ apparent imitation far from flattering? Perhaps it’s time to revisit the ITQ Online Outrage Tracker, which has the full timeline of a controversy that went from zero to headline news in just one day.

I just find it difficult to come up with a plausible scenario in which an ordinary, non-politically motivated person looking for more information on the Liberals’ Green Shift would be so outraged by a domain name collision that they would take the time to email, fax and even call up the company in question, just to lambaste the owners over a supposed “association” with the Liberal Party — especially after the squabble between the competing Green Shift-ers went public. I mean, when Jim Flaherty christened the 2007 budget “Aspire Canada” did it result in a flood of furious phonecalls to the company behind the Aspire credit card?  More and more, it seems as though Ms. Wright has unwittingly allowed her company – and herself – to be hijacked by those with a purely political purpose – which, ironically, may eventually damage her reputation far more than any supposed link to a party platform.

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