I believe the polite term is "intellectual escort," or perhaps "fiancé"

Regarding the lively debate over Andrew Potter’s post on CBC’s Vote Compass, I’d like to offer a bit of guidance to those who seem to be labouring under the delusion that Potter represents a set of lazy left-liberal biases shared by mainstream-media dimwits and tenured loafers alike.  

Don’t be ridiculous.

His book The Authenticity Hoax is a cogent assault on the kind of limp thinking he sums up as “stagnant and reactionary politics masquerading as something personally meaningful and socially progressive.” He annoys environmentalist doom-sayers and organic-food puritans.

As a result, he’s been lauded in the Wall Street Journal, denounced elsewhere for peddling a “strident defence of free-market consumer capitalism.” So argue with him if you’re so inclined; but trying to pigeonhole him in the way some have attempted in the past couple of days is plain foolish.