Andrew Potter

Maclean’s editorial: What the Andrew Potter affair was really about

Maclean’s continues to believe in the vital importance of a free and open exchange of ideas and opinions—even if McGill University does not.

A McGill alumnus with some questions for his alma mater

Evan Solomon wrote to McGill with pointed questions about how it handled the Andrew Potter affair. The answers did not impress.

Threats to academic freedom aren’t just a white-guy problem

Why Andrew Potter’s resignation as the director of a McGill institute will have fallout for academia’s women and minorities

CAUT prepares investigation into McGill and Potter resignation

A national group representing academic staff raises questions over Andrew Potter’s resignation

On Quebec and Andrew Potter: Tread carefully, Canada

In many countries an unpopular idea can prove costly. But not in Canada, the champion of academic freedom and free speech…. right?

Why Andrew Potter lost his ‘dream job’ at McGill

High-profile writer forced out over a Maclean’s column in what’s being called an attack on academic freedom

The eternal, futile quest for perfect democracy

Parliament returns amid some desire for change


The truthiness era

Andrew Potter considers the nature of truth in politics.


Making sausages

Andrew Potter questions our stated distaste for politics.


‘The reality of mass politics makes parties absolutely necessary’

Andrew Potter defends the existence of political parties.


The rebel sell

Andrew Potter considers the overarching theme of Samara’s findings.


I believe the polite term is “intellectual escort,” or perhaps “fiancé”

Regarding the lively debate over Andrew Potter’s post on CBC’s Vote Compass, I’d like to offer a bit of guidance to those who seem to be labouring under the delusion that Potter represents a set of lazy left-liberal biases shared by mainstream-media dimwits and tenured loafers alike.