‘I would apologize’

Awish Aslam gets a meeting with Mr. Harper (and Mr. Harper’s campaign gets a photo to distribute). She does not, though, get an apology from him.

Aslam took three friends into the meeting with her, including another woman who was kicked out of the April 3 rally. “I feel like now I’m more angry. We didn’t even get an ‘I’m personally sorry for you’,” Aslam said.

Aslam says she has already voted in an advance poll, but wouldn’t say how she’d voted. Pressed by a reporter, she said her complaint Sunday was about Harper as a person rather than as a leader. “I’m not saying [that] I’m not thrilled with his policies and his ideas, but personally, him as a person, honestly, if I kicked you out of my house for no reason, I would apologize,” she said.

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