Idea alert

Shortly before Question Period this morning, the NDP’s Bruce Hyer proposed a game of musical chairs.

Mr. Speaker, I am dismayed and embarrassed by MPs heckling and catcalling here in the House. Canadians do not like it. It does not have to be this way.

In Scandinavia I have observed firsthand the way in which proportional representation leads to rational discussion and debate, mutual respect, workable compromises and much better governance than we have here. Our constituents are looking to us for statesmanship, leadership and effective government that represents not just regions and factions but all Canadians.

I have an idea that could help us achieve some of that mutual respect and co-operation that is needed to desperately right now. We could choose to change our seating charts and abandon the hockey bench blocks of seating in the House by party. We could randomize seating here in the House. Some time spent in the House next to members from other parties will lead to recognition of us all as people with whom we can share ideas with more mutual respect.

Our constituents want better. They deserve better. Let us act now to improve our system and our behaviour.

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