Immigration, exploitation and the adult entertainment business

Windsor strip club owners are unimpressed with the government’s new ban on temporary workers for strip clubs, escort services and massage parlours.

But Rob Katzman — owner of Cheetah’s and Leopard’s adult entertainment clubs in Windsor — said the government is targeting the sector as a political ploy intended to “legislate morality” without any evidence supporting the new policy. “Exploitation never happens,” he said. “We’ve been in business since 1985 and not one girl has ever complained about how she was treated. There is no empirical data that shows trafficking or exploitation — sexual or otherwise — is sourced in our adult (entertainment) business.”

Katzman noted massage parlours might be an area to target because in many cities they remain largely unregulated or difficult for municipalities to control, but strip clubs should not be included under the same umbrella. “We train our (managers) to look for problem situations where a woman gets dropped off by a man who appears in control over them or someone who confronts management and doesn’t let the girl speak. There is no evidence that is happening.”

Here are the official news release and backgrounder.