In other news: election fraud, voter suppression and illegal robocalls

This month just keeps getting better

In the wake of a Federal Court ruling last week that fraud took place during the last election—though not enough to overturn any results—the chief electoral officer told a House committee yesterday that he hasn’t been shown the electoral reform legislation that the government is promising to table this week and that Conservative party workers aren’t cooperating with an investigation into fraudulent calls made during the 2011 campaign.

And this morning the CRTC has announced $369,000 in fines for robocalls used by the Conservatives, New Democrats, Liberal MP Marc Garneau and Conservative MP Blake Richards, among others.

The fine issued to the NDP seems to cover the calls made in Lise St-Denis’ riding after she defected to the Liberals. The fine to the Conservatives applies to calls made about proposed new riding boundaries in Saskatchewan.