Is the Harper government going to consider alternatives to the F-35?

The Canadian Press talked to the commander of the Air Force and came away with the understanding that other options have yet to be considered. National Defence promptly attempts to clarify.

But in a statement released late Monday, the air force said “work continues on the evaluation of options” mandated by the government and that “information shared with a reporter was incorrect.” It insisted work is progressing, without addressing the central question of whether other contenders such as the Super Hornet or the Eurofighter were up for consideration. “The options analysis is a full evaluation of choices, not simply a refresh of the work that was done before,” said the statement. “This detailed evaluation will provide the best available information about the range of choices that could do the job required.”

Yet, when Blondin was asked twice during the interview whether other aircraft had been considered, he replied: “No.” Industry sources say competing contractors have not been asked to provide information.

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