It’s all in the timing

Ask Geri Hall. Or Chris Warkentin.

Ask Geri Hall. Or Chris Warkentin.

The Conservative backbencher was sent up yesterday to offer another of these giddy denunciations of the Liberal leader. Here are the announcements that directly preceded and followed Warkentin’s remarks.

Mr. Michael Savage (Dartmouth—Cole Harbour, Lib.):  Mr. Speaker, today Nova Scotians mourn the passing of Michael Baker, who served in a number of provincial cabinet posts, most notably as minister of finance.

We have all been touched by cancer, we have all lost family or friends, but Michael Baker showed us that it does not have to take away our courage, our will or our ability to contribute to a better world.

We watched him continue his work and we marvelled at his strength as he refused to let cancer sideline him. In fact, by keeping his busy schedule and through his boundless energy, it can truly be said that he beat cancer even though it did in the end take his life.

Recently a new justice centre in his honour was opened in Bridgewater. The impact of his life goes far beyond bricks and mortar. His legacy will be his love of the law, his dedication to his community, his commitment to family and his courage through difficult times. He was a remarkable man.

We offer condolences to his family and we hope it finds comfort in the affection and respect that Michael Baker earned from Nova Scotians from across the province and from across the political spectrum. He has earned a special place in our history and in our hearts.

The Speaker: I wish to advise the House of the death last night of my predecessor, former Speaker of the House of Commons, the Hon. Gilbert Parent.