Joe Preston will not take your bait

Various questions and answers from Conservative Joe Preston’s scrum after QP today. The topic is expenses incurred by CBC executives.

Reporter: You believe, right, on your side, your belief — you guys think generally they’re a bunch of lefty fat cats that need to be cut, right?

Preston: Even if that was the truth, I think they should control their spending either way.

Reporter: So what’s the solution? If the perception is that they’re, you know, spending out of control and sort of a la-di-da gang, what can you do?

Preston: Well, I say the suggestion is the same as other corporations: control your spending, take a look at it. Talk to your people and say these are the levels of spending we think are appropriate in the organization.

Reporter: Privatize, sell it off, shut ’em down?

Preston: Well, let’s start off with controlling some spending. You know we can get to the others if that’s the end result but, no, let’s start off with controlling some spending. Thank you. Thanks.

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