Lennon, McCartney, Harper.

Elsewhere in the spring issue of Hello!, an entirely fascinating interview with the Prime Minister. No really.

Speaking exclusively about “why music matters to him,” the Prime Minister discusses his love of the piano and reveals that his staff tries to make sure there’s one in his room when he travels now. And then he explains how he used one of the Beatles’ old pianos to record a few songs at Abbey Road last month. No really.

That was a great thrill. Laureen let Ben and Rachel come and see London for a few days as a nice mom. I can assure you my mom wouldn’t have taken me in the middle of the school week, but anyway… My son said, “I want us to go to Abbey Road and do the walking shot.” So we went, and then my wife said, “There is Abbey Road Studio, why don’t you see if they’ll let you in?” I said, “I’ve heard they don’t give tours.” She said, “We’ve arranged it all. They’re going to give you a tour for your birthday.” They took me into Studio 2, which is where the Beatles did most of their recordings and they brought out various Beatles pianos. I played a few songs and then found out later they were recording. If I’d known that, I would have tried a little harder. It was really special, one of those fringe benefits of being Prime Minister.

And so it is that Duran Duran and Stephen Harper now have something in common.

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