Let us resolve this like 12 year olds on MySpace

So, like, homeboy Bob Rae goes on his blog this morning and is all like, “Don’t let them take your vote away.” Yeah!

“All weekend, I’d been hearing rumors about this, but today I was really surprised to read press reports about various MPs moving for an immediate vote to elect our Leader next Wednesday, in the Commons caucus,” he wrote. “I thought I’d seen a lot of politics over 30 years of public service, but this one really came from left field. The idea of taking away the vote from tens of thousands of grassroots activists in every part of Canada, and reducing the franchise to just 76 men and women seems so out-of-step with the modern world.  It makes you shake your head.”

And then, like, Iggy emails all his friends and writes in the subject line, “Winning the leadership the right way.” Oh, snap.

“I want to share with you that I will stand as a candidate to replace Mr. Dion under the process outlined in the party constitution, as voted upon by the delegates of the grassroots of our party at the last convention in Montreal, for replacement of a Leader who resigns prior to a leadership convention. I am doing so because our parliamentary caucus and party need leadership now to confront Stephen Harper’s Conservatives,” he says. “Should I succeed in winning the support of the national executive of the party and our caucus as leader, I remain committed to having that leadership confirmed by our party at our upcoming convention in Vancouver, as our party’s constitution requires.”


Maybe we could put it to a vote on Twitter.

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