Meanwhile, in Calgary...

Justin Trudeau gives a speech about Keystone XL
Justin Trudeau in Toronto March 27, 2013 to visit the Green Zone at Ryerson University and speak at the Empire Cllub at the Royal York. Peter Bregg

This morning in Calgary, Justin Trudeau addressed the Petroleum Club and spoke about Keystone XL, natural resources and environmental policy and how he thinks the Harper government has failed. Here is the text.

What should the government have done? Well, I’ll tell you what I would do:

First, I’d be transparent about what I believe to be the national interest. As I said, that means we need to open markets to our resources, and facilitate the creation of pathways to those markets in responsible, sustainable ways.

I would have joined and contributed to the provincial government, industry, and civil society efforts to build a national energy strategy. Part and parcel of that strategy ought to be a national approach to pipelines and development, within an overall framework that includes a policy that puts a price on carbon pollution…

If we had stronger environmental policy in this country: stronger oversight, tougher penalties, and yes, some sort of means to price carbon pollution, then I believe the Keystone XL pipeline would have been approved already.

Last week, Andrew Leach attempted to push the carbon-pricing conversation forward.