Morning memo: The Liberals can take comfort in the knowledge people still like them—just a little bit less than they do someone less



Most polls have the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals by a comfortable double-digit margin. The latest Canadian Press-Harris Decima survey is no different, attributing a robust 13-point lead for Stephen Harper’s troops over the rival Liberals. But who’s leading as a second choice? That is, who’s making inroads but hasn’t yet secured Canadians’ unflinching support? Harris-Decima breaks that down too:

Conservatives: 16%

Liberals: 28%

NDP: 25%

Green: 25%

Bloc Québécois: 4%


Stephen Harper, on how the Conservatives plan to fight pollution: “If you want a government that is tough on environmental crime, you should elect a government that is tough on crime generally.”

Stéphane Dion, on the media reports his wife had been told to keep quiet by the Liberal campaign: “Nobody muzzles Janine Krieber; it’s one of the reasons why I love her.”

Jack Layton, on why Canada needs to scrap the softwood lumber deal and restrict its lumber exports: “There is nothing that workers in other countries do to Canadian lumber that couldn’t be done right here. It should be Canadians refining and processing our wood.”

Elizabeth May, on the basic principle behind her climate change plan: “The contribution Canadians can make to a global solution is to get rid of Stephen Harper.”

Gilles Duceppe, on Harper’s plan to put 14-year olds in adult prisons if they’re convicted of serious crimes: “We all know what happens in prison. They will be fresh meat, let’s not kid ourselves.”


The Conservatives probably figured the bad news about Rosamond Luke was over. But her spectre continues to haunt the Conservatives in Halifax.  All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association (AWEDA), the organization Luke directed in Halifax, announced yesterday that it had fired the former Tory candidate and was closing its doors. Brenda Saunders-Todd, the chairwoman of the group’s board, accused Luke of grossly misusing its federal funding: According to its treasurer, of the $142,700 AWEDA received from the Status of Women Canada, only $10,000 is left, and a mere seven women have received funding from the development association. Just where do they find these candidates anyway?


Stephen Harper will host a press conference in Victoria before heading to his home turf of Alberta for a rally in Edmonton and to spend the night in Calgary.

Stéphane Dion is in Quebec City to speak to the provincial capital’s Chamber of Commerce and will spend the afternoon in Trois-Rivières.

Jack Layton will start the day in Kamloops, B.C., before heading to Victoria.

Elizabeth May is in Guelph after making her way to Toronto last night.

Gilles Duceppe is in Montreal for a series of media interviews and a speech alongside PQ leader Pauline Marois at the University of Montreal.

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