One brave man steps forward to challenge the Internet

Liberal MP Shawn Murphy expresses concerns about anonymous online comments, is immediately scorned by anonymous online commenters.

“I found that the comments are getting nastier and nastier,” Murphy said in an interview with The Guardian.

“I believe there is a feeling of anonymity out there when people make the comments but as there have been many court cases in the last year from all across Canada that it is very easy for one to get the ISP numbers of the computer that those comments came from through a court order.”

“An Outraged Canadian” responds.

Typical Liberal small minded approach to a problem that doesn’t exist. A lot of us can’t use our names as our comments would be seen as coming from the organizations we work for – especially if you worked in government lets say and wanted to post a comment about how it doesn’t work… I also don’t want my name plastered all around the internet for spammers and the like to grab hold of, but most importantly it will stifle the opinions of tens of thousands of Canadian’s who feel outraged at the crap politicians like Mr. Murphy put us through without an outlet. If someone says something libelous, then by all means go after the newspaper to release the name for the suit, but if I just say that Mr. Murphy reminds me of a long dead codfish, then fair game. If he doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t get into politics.

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