Open to question

David Eaves reviews the government’s open data plans.

For many, I think this may be the biggest disappointment is that the government has chosen not to try to update the Access to Information Act. It is true that this is what the Access to Information Commissioners from across the country recommended they do in an open letter (recommendation #2 in their letter). Opening up the act likely has a number of political risks – particularly for a government that has not always been forthcoming documents (the Afghan detainee issue and F-35 contract both come to mind) – however, I again propose that it may be possible to achieve some of the objectives around improved access through the Open Government Directive.

Access to information was the focus of a submission made by the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association during the consultation process. Democracy Watch is unimpressed. Andrea Di Maio is unsatisfied.

Another correspondent points me to the demise of the Community Access Program, which could exclude some from taking part in whatever bounty of data is to come.

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