Pointing out the farce

Conservative MPs made 23 references to a “carbon tax” in the House on Friday. Two other references were made by Liberal MP Scott Brison, who offered the following to Conservative MP Greg Rickford.

Mr. Speaker, the honourable member sought my advice and so I will give it to him.My advice would be that the honourable member go to the website of the Department of the Environment and go back to 2008 where the Conservative government promised to do exactly what the New Democrat platform promised to do, which was to bring in a cap and trade system to Canada.

My advice for those Conservative members is to realize that before the NDP ever put a cap and trade system in its platform, Conservative government policy was to have a cap and trade system. However, the Conservatives did not call it “a carbon tax on everything”; they called it a “cap and trade system”.

I say it is on their website, but there is probably some 19-year-old pimply-faced fellow in the basement of Conservative Party headquarters working on taking that off right now. Some guy who just put down his Hayek books is rushing to the computer to try to eliminate the fact that the Conservatives had a big fat carbon tax on everything. That was Conservative policy. That is where the NDP picked it up.

Here again is everything you need to know about the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce.