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The NDP takes to Twitter

As the House of Commons was supposed to reconvene today, but now won’t return until October, the New Democrats say they will be taking to the Internet each afternoon to put their questions to government ministers via Twitter. You can follow today’s questions via our list of MPs on Twitter. Here were Thomas Mulcair’s questions.

On June 5th, @pmharper told the House no one in his office other than Nigel Wright knew about the $90K. Does the PM stand by this?

.@pmharper L’avocat de Wright a dit à la #GRC que 3 autres pers. au CPM connaissaient l’entente. Pqoi avoir dit le contraire le 5 juin?

.@pmharper Persichilli called Duffy to say the #CPC would turn against him if expenses weren’t repaid. Was the PM aware of this?

Lebreton a dit «nous mettions tous de la pression– je mettais de la pression sur Duffy». Est-ce que @premierministre faisait ça aussi?

.@pmharper The Deloitte audit showed massive misspending by Ms. Wallin. Does the PM still find her spending “normal”?

Quand @premierministre a dit en Chambre le 13/02 “j’ai regardé les chiffres” pour P. Wallin, que voulait-il dire?

.@pmharper said “all senators conform to the residency requirements” on February 27th. Why did he say something clearly false?

Selon Deloitte, Wallin n’avait pas de preuves de résidence suffisantes. Pqoi @premierministre a dit que tous les Sén étaient qualifiés?

So far there’ve been no responses, but perhaps James Moore will get back to Chris Charlton once he’s done driving.

Update 3:31pm. Mr. Moore responds by dismissing Ms. Charlton’s question and the NDP. Ms. Charlton notes that a debate could be had in the House if it wasn’t presently prorogued and reminds Mr. Moore that the NDP wanted a committee study of the spectrum auction.

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