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A point of order after QP yesterday.

Hon. Carolyn Bennett (St. Paul’s, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. I do not believe the Minister of Health would willingly mislead the House, however, I think in her answer to the excellent question from the member for Etobicoke North she mistakenly said that there were stockpiles of vaccines in Canada. There are indeed stockpiles of antivirals, not vaccines, and that was the purpose of the question. I would invite the minister, with your permission, to correct herself now on the record.

Hon. Leona Aglukkaq (Minister of Health, CPC): Mr. Speaker, to clarify for the record, the member is correct. I meant to say anti-virals. Let me go back again. We have been in contact with provincial and territorial counterparts across Canada and provided them updates on the situation. The provinces and territories have already access to stockpiles of Tamiflu and are able to make decisions on its use. As well, yesterday in my press conference, I said that we were also conducting research on the vaccine development about the swine flu. I thank the member for asking for that clarification.

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