Rights and Democracy: "I don’t have a contract for Ogilvy Renault and Woods LLP"

Via ex-colleague Kady, the latest, but not the last, in the new Rights and Democracy regime’s long-running attempt to redefine modern political satire.

Two months after R&D board member Jacques Gauthier and newly-appointed president Gerard Latulippe promised to deliver to the Foreign Affairs committee all the contracts they’d entered into since they ushered in a New Era of Transparency and Accountability™, they’ve delivered the contracts. Well, those contracts that actually ever existed. The Ogilvy Renault and Woods LLP projects appear to have been handshake deals. Still, this is progress. The now-finally-available paperwork suggests the NETA™ has cost, so far, a little north of half a mil, but you’ll understand it’s worth it because the former regime once spent $30,000 on something Aurel Braun didn’t like. So cut them some slack, guys.

As for the fabled Deloitte audit, which the Braun Clown Posse announced in February, back when Lost and 24 were still on the air, that’s coming. Recall that it was originally going to land in three weeks. And now? “Sometime in the month of June,” Latulippe assures the Foreign Affairs Committe.

Ah: June of which year? Stay tuned. Incidentally, if R&D finally does release the audit without a letter from Deloitte certifying that it’s the complete unexpurgated audit, everyone should assume it’s incomplete and expurgated.