Gérard Latulippe


Who the Tories stand with on human rights

Hunches and goose chases at Rights and Democracy have cost taxpayers $1 million


Rights and Democracy: “We have been denied an important opportunity to shed light”

A news release from Gérard Latulippe, the president of Rights and Democracy, reacting to yesterday’s events:


Rights and Democracy: Time keeps on slippin’…

PAUL WELLS checks in on the audit situation


Rights and Democracy: We now return to our regularly-scheduled delay

And now an update for followers of this blog’s relentless chronicling of the Deloitte audit at Rights and Democracy. (A considerable library of previous posts and print columns on the Montreal quasi-governmental agency can be found here.)


Rights and Democracy: the very textbook definition of cronyism

Some behaviour is so asinine it takes a little while for the plain meaning of it to sink in. Which is why I am only now highlighting one paragraph of Rights and Democracy president Gerard Latulippe’s letter to the Commons Foreign Affairs committee.


Rights and Democracy: “I don’t have a contract for Ogilvy Renault and Woods LLP”

Via ex-colleague Kady, the latest, but not the last, in the new Rights and Democracy regime’s long-running attempt to redefine modern political satire.

Rights and Democracy: Meet the new boss

The problem at R&D is not, or not primarily, its new president; it is the shady new board majority


The real trouble at Rights and Democracy

Sen. Linda Frum on the controversy; Paul Wells responds


Rights and Democracy: Loyalty and Competence

This one takes some twists and turns. Follow along!