Rights and Democracy: "We have been denied an important opportunity to shed light"

A news release from Gérard Latulippe, the president of Rights and Democracy, reacting to yesterday’s events:

We do not know why the Committee meeting was cancelled. I was in Ottawa, together with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, prepared to testify. What is certain is that we have been denied an important opportunity to shed light on the events that plunged Rights and Democracy into a crisis situation.

With regard to the Deloitte Report in particular, I wish to say that Deloitte was never given a mandate to identify fraud or embezzlement within Rights & Democracy. Instead, its mandate was to analyze certain governance practices on which the directors sought an independent audit after realizing that they were not being provided proper information by the Centre administration.

While the Deloitte report did not identify any illegalities, fraud or embezzlement during the period under review, it did reveal serious problems of governance.

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UPDATE: This corner is big on shedding light. I will be happy to reproduce Latulippe’s and Aurel Braun’s prepared speaking notes, which they would have had ready for the committee meeting, verbatim in this space if they want to supply them.