Rod Bruinooge Maverick Watch

Merry  Christmas, Prime Minister. (And a belated happy Hanukkah too.)

Whatever the merits of Mr. Bruinooge’s particular cause, the diminutive and quiet Internet gaming maven and film festival founder would appear to be freely and publicly expressing a personal opinion—a personal opinion that directly contradicts the stated position of the government of which he is a member. Indeed, with a couple interviews and a little op-ed appearing all on the same day, he seems to be making quite the show of it.

The cynical among you might assume the expression of this personal opinion was planned and blessed from above. The even more cynical might imagine that even if it was, Mr. Bruinooge will soon enough be scolded in public and quickly disappeared.

But in the spirit of the holiday season, let us believe that an MP has found it in himself to act like something other than a well-paid parliamentary pawn. Small victory, that. But one must applaud what one can.

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