Roll call

Things will be quiet around here for the next few days on account of a short vacation.

In the meantime, some shout outs. The design on the Maclean’s blogs doesn’t allow for a regularly maintained blogroll, so here, in one post, are most of the blogs (minus co-workers and sports blogs) I check with on at least a semi-regular basis. Go read all of them and we’ll meet back here next Wednesday. Drop me an email ( with suggestions for other stuff I should be reading.

Canadian Politics. ThreeHundredEight, Pundits’ Guide, 3D Policy, Worthwhile Canadian Initiative, Second Reading (Globe), Ottawa Notebook (Globe), Economy Lab (Globe), Greg Fingas, The CommonsAdam Radwanski, Susan Delacourt, Alex Himelfarb, Inside Politics (CBC), Politics and the Nation (Postmedia), Dale Smith, Dan Arnold and Jeff Jedras.

U.S. Politics, Etc. Andrew Sullivan, Matthew Yglesias, Kevin Drum, David Weigel, James Fallows, NYRblog, Daily IntelTa-Nehisi Coates, Alyssa Rosenberg, Alex Massie, Chris JonesHendrik Hertzberg, George Packer, The Awl and Gawker.

And, while not really a blog, Simon Hoggart’s daily sketch is daily reading.

To those you can add whoever I happen to be following on Twitter at the time.

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