Scrum Theatre: Can you hear the gratitude gushing forth?

James Moore, speaking outside the House after Question Period on the NDP decision to support — at least tentatively — the government’s employment insurance reforms:

Question:                       Is it something you’re looking forward to?

Hon. James Moore:       We just govern and the NDP can make their own decisions for themselves.

Question:                       But do you like the decision they’ve made?

Hon. James Moore:       I like that our policy is passing and we’ll govern and other parties can make their own decisions for themselves.

Question:                       So it’s good to be on life – you know, your ticker, it’s sort of like you’re in the ICU and you keep going for another day.

Hon. James Moore:       It’s a minority parliament so you have to govern responsibly.  We put forward legislation that we think reasonable people should support.  Our EI reforms are what we think is in the best interest of Canada and if other members of parliament, regardless of party, vote for it, they vote for it.

Question:                       When do the NDP get to see (inaudible)?

Hon. James Moore:       Soon.  Minister Finley will let you know.