Seven days in 11 posts

Thursday, Nov. 27. The Commons: Gaming the system

Thursday, Nov. 27. The Commons: Gaming the system
Friday, Nov. 28. Today in Parliament
Friday, Nov. 28. The Commons: ‘Sir, did you make a mistake?’
Monday, Dec. 1. The Commons: ‘Unbelievable’
Tuesday, Dec. 2. The small matter of the separatists in our House
Tuesday, Dec. 2. The Commons: And then it got worse
Wednesday, Dec. 3. Dion v. Harper, crack-up in the Commons
Wednesday, Dec. 3. The Commons: ‘How do we repair the irreparable?’
Wednesday, Dec. 3. Quick review
Thursday, Dec. 4. ‘A lot of fear and anger and hatred’
Thursday, Dec. 4. The Commons: A cold and miserable day 

I can’t say I entirely enjoyed this past week, but I think I’m glad I was here for it. Above you’ll find most of what was written here. Elsewhere, you’ll find copies of each party leader’s remarks on Wednesday night and other random observations.

This is all very far from over, but hopefully this nook of the Internet has been of some use so far.

Thanks for the continued readership. And thanks for the comments, encouraging and defamatory and otherwise.