Should the Prime Minister invite the opposition leaders over for tea?

The Liberals and New Democrat are miffed that the Prime Minister doesn’t want to chat with Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Layton respectively. As to the latter, the Prime Minister’s Office figures they already know what he has to say.

“Mr. Layton has made his requests quite publicly,” said Harper press secretary Andrew MacDougall. “We thank him for his suggestions.” … When Layton and Harper last spoke on the phone on Dec. 17, Layton said, Harper expressed a desire to meet with him to discuss NDP priorities for the budget. Harper has not called to set up a meeting, and does not plan to do so, said MacDougall, since Layton has made his positions clear. “He’s made no secret of the areas he’d like to see government take action on,” he said. “There’s no mystery there. So we know where he stands. We’ll take that into consideration.”

On the one hand, it might be reassuring to see our elected leaders interacting like normal human beings. On the other hand, it would really only matter if those interactions were undertaken seriously with some real possibility of amounting to something.

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