Stockwell Day holds up a new sign

Five and a half months removed from cabinet, Stockwell Day says we must summon the courage to consider two-tier health care.

By stubbornly refusing to allow the development of a modern system that allows those who can willingly afford it to buy services, while still providing properly for the rest of us, we are dooming every provincial budget … if we continue to demonize every MLA or MP who wants to at least look at the options and possibilities then we condemn ourselves to higher costs, higher deficits, higher taxes and lower levels of care. Even the socialized systems of European nations allow for fee for service (translation: two tier) systems.

“Two-tier health care” is a rather fraught phrase that can be interpreted variously, but the idea of “fee for service” health care is seemingly what Mr. Day rejected when confronted with this issue in 2000.