That’s awfully patriotic. For a traitor.

Some further clarification on what the Bloc got for its hypothetical support of a hypothetical coalition government—or, rather, what Marlene Jennings says they didn’t get.

The Bloc Québécois were prepared to keep a Liberal-led coalition government alive for two years, if the coalition allowed Bill 101 to apply to federally regulated companies in Quebec. But Marlene Jennings, left, the veteran Liberal MP in charge of negotiating the coalition deal for the Liberals, said “no way” to the Bloc…

Another coup, she said, was that the Bloc agreed, in writing, to take sovereignty off its agenda for the 18-month period, which was deemed long enough to see if the economic stimulus program the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc proposed was working.

That last bit might be more interpretative than literal (unless she’s referring to an agreement beyond this).

No word yet on whether this will have any influence on Conservative Bob Dechert’s interpretation of sedition in the case of these traitorous conspirators.

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