The Blackberry Roundtable: "He told me he deleted those pictures from his hard drive after we broke up!"

Courtesy of the one and only Andrew Potter, check out our latest back-and-forthing here. Oh, and somehow, a mischievous gremlin in the printing press incorrectly attributed a paragraph of my musings to poor Scott Reid. For the record, this is all me:

That’s true, but not every foot soldier slogging through the mud on the electoral battlefield may have expected to be there, and unless you’re willing to live your entire life as though you might, at any point, be on the national — or even the local — stage, fielding pointed questions from the media — I’m not sure if there’s any way to anticipate every potentially embarrassing eventuality. What you should do, however, is make sure that your campaign knows about that experimental art video you made with your now-estranged ex-boyfriend before they find out about it through a press release from the opposing team.