The Final Days: Newmarket

(From now through the end of the campaign next week, I’ll be with the Liberal tour. Regular reports should appear here irregularly.)

This afternoon’s stop at a rather palatial community centre north of Toronto included guest appearances by Belinda Stronach and, traveling separately, a dozen protesters carrying signs upon which were written slogans that corresponded neatly with Conservative party talking points. One wore a poorly fitting hockey jersey. Another insisted on holding his sign upside down (better to express his objection to the carbon tax perhaps).

Mr. Dion and the local candidate strolled around the community centre, flanked by two young girls sporting leather caps and feather boas, with the Liberal leader’s surname painted on their faces. The two politicians talked hockey while overlooking an ice rink, then stopped to pick up some popcorn from the refreshment stand. In keeping with his commitment to a proper social safety net, Mr. Dion gave his to a group of children.

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