The Final Days: Vaughan

(From now through the end of the campaign next week, I’ll be with the Liberal tour. Regular reports should appear here irregularly.)

While Mr. Dion gave his stump speech to 100 people—50 inside, 50 listening from the parking lot—at another campaign office in another strip mall in the suburbs, a parade of sorts was going on outside.

A convoy of four pick-up trucks out-fitted with Conservative posters advertising the local candidate—Richard Lorello—drove back and forth in front of the plaza, horns hocking, drivers and passengers shouting their support for Mr. Harper. The local constabulary eventually stepped in, seemingly on account of the traffic that was being blocked by this little celebration of partisanship.

The cavalry came in the form of seven sign-waving Conservatives on foot, who positioned themselves on the sidewalk and proceeded to add their voices to democracy.

When the crowd dispersed from Dion’s speech there did appear to be something of a chant-off between the two sides, but otherwise the evening apparently passed without incident.