The Grace Foundation and Rob Moore

The charity distances itself from the Conservatives

The Grace Foundation’s statement last night on the matter of Justin Trudeau seems to put some distance between the foundation and the sequence of events that culminated in the Harper government attacking Mr. Trudeau.

We are deeply distressed about many statements made from various persons. However, we are most concerned with the remarks that the Honourable Robert Moore, MP for Fundy-Royal has made concerning our foundation.

There was never any intention for this matter to become a political topic of discussion on the floor of the House of Commons.

The Board of Directors did not authorize any member or agent to approach the Honourable Member for Fundy-Royal or any political person on this matter.

It’s possibly interesting that the foundation says its board agreed to drop the matter in May. That is the same month that, by Rob Moore’s recollection, he was first contacted by Judith Baxter.

None of which changes the facts of the situation, of course, though it seems there might be a resolution of some kind soon.