The meaning of Harper conservatism

Mark Shlodice argues for libertarianism as the defining motivation of Stephen Harper’s side.

Although Canadian academics and journalists have devoted some attention to this conservative network, I believe that it has been covered either superficially, or in a manner that has overemphasized its evangelical or fundamentalist Christian basis. For instance, Marci McDonald’s 2010 book, The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada, envisions a crypto-fundamentalist conspiracy at the heart of Canadian conservatism. Instead, empirical evidence suggests that the Canadian conservative organizational network is biased toward libertarianism and free-market economics. An examination of conservative funders, think-tanks, pressure groups, and media outlets shows how far this network has been developed in Canada. Interconnections within the network can be illustrated by those conservative activists who hold leadership positions in various organizations.

Darrell Bricker says Mr. Harper’s coalition is more durable than Brian Mulroney’s. Susan Delacourt says Conservatives aren’t yet winning the ethnic vote.

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