The "process" continues

The latest news on the Khadr front from Canwest.

The high-profile U.S. military lawyer representing Canadian-born terror suspect Omar Khadr has been fired from the case after accusing his boss of a conflict of interest, Canwest News has learned.

U.S. navy Lieutenant-Commander. Bill Kuebler got his marching orders from air force Col. Peter Masciola, who has headed Guantanamo military defence lawyers since last fall.

Lt.-Cmdr. Kuebler had said publicly Col. Masciola was involved in bureaucratic manoeuvring that was allegedly detrimental to Mr. Khadr’s case, then went over the colonel’s head to ask for a new supervisor.

But firing Lt.-Cmdr. Kuebler could spark a diplomatic row between the United States and Canada because Ottawa is on record as saying Mr. Khadr, 22, must be guaranteed counsel of his choice, among other minimal protections.