This is the week that was

Turns out interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel used to be a member of the Bloc Quebecois. Stephen Harper was disappointed. Brian Topp pushed back. Francois-Pierre Gingras tried to explain. Bernard Landry was unimpressed. Colin Horgan noted the presence of Michel Rivard in the Conservative caucus. An anonymous NDP staffer claimed profound unease.

The Canadian news media isn’t powerful enough to be corrupted. One of the government’s most wanted is mostly a mystery. Vic Toews wished the CBC was more cooperative. The government’s environmental policies have been overstated. Stephen Harper and Rob Ford spoke fondly of each other (but the Prime Minister’s Office tried to disappear the video evidence). Environment Canada announced job cuts. And the Conservatives raised a lot of money.

Joanna Smith profiled Team Layton. Tabatha Southey considered the rhetorical deficit. Doug Saunders considered refugee policy. Stanley Greenberg explained the liberal dilemma. Geoffrey Cameron and Ian Goldin called for more immigration. And Canadians for Tax Fairness sang the praises of taxes.

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