This is the week that was

The race for NDP leader began here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Gary Doer, Brian Masse, Joe Comartin, Ryan Cleary, Wayne Marston, Peter Stoffer and Chris Charlton are out. Brian Topp, Megan Leslie, Libby Davies, Paul Dewar, Charlie Angus, Peter Julian, Francoise Boivin, Nathan Cullen and Romeo Saganash might be in. Pat Martin will enter the race if no one else will champion the idea of a merger with the Liberals. Thomas Mulcair might get in if the timetable is to his liking.

Stephen Gordon and Frances Woolley considered the end of the HST in British Columbia. Scott Brison blamed the Harper government, which would like that $1.6-billion back now.

Bob Rae rallied the Liberal caucus. The Americans tried talking to the Taliban. Canadians worried about a border deal. Denis Coderre, Pat Martin and Ken Lewenza championed an NDP-Liberal merger. And we found out how Nathan Phillips Square became a national symbol.

Stephen Harper considered Libya by quoting Georg Lichtenberg, who was talking about the Enlightenment.

Jeff Jedras, Michael Valpy and James McKee and Tim Flannery considered the meaning of Jack Layton. Chris Selley mused of a coalition. Ian Brodie quibbled with the idea of luck. Alice Funke called for campaign finance reform. And Kevin Milligan questioned the rules for Old Age Security.

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