This kind of ache

Glen Pearson seems to have some misgivings.

But our food bank numbers in London continue to go up.  Job losses continue to escalate.  Investments are drying up.  And in all this I can get help to build a porch!

In reality, what else can we do?  Well, all of us as MPs could confirm that we’re in over our heads.  We could acknowledge that we don’t really believe this is the kind of investment that will provide us a future of substance and stewardship.  We haven’t had to manage this kind of money before.  We could say that is a time for environmental reform, a time for light rail and high speed trains, the introduction of greener cars.  We could take this kind of money and build long-term plans in research and development, university education, the kind of infrastructure investment that leads to the newer cities of tomorrow.

No, like the old auto executives, we’ll bury such initiatives because we won’t reflect long enough to invest in the kind of Canada that actually has a dynamic future.   Pedal to the metal!

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