This year’s fear

With Jack Layton having recently surpassed Michael Ignatieff as the greatest threat to everything you hold dear, Stephen Harper has adjusted his concern. Chief among his worries: the NDP’s stated intention of pursuing a cap-and-trade system.

Demanding that we bring in cap-and-trade schemes that generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue. That’s the carbon tax. I do not do these things, even though I am a minority, because I know they will wreak enormous havoc on the Canadian economy. So, look, I will work with people and will make compromises. But we’re not going to make compromises on things we actually think will hurt the country.

During the 2008 election, a carbon tax was, of course, what Mr. Harper said would “screw everybody.” Cap-and-trade was, of course, what Mr. Harper proposed shortly thereafter and what the government’s own website still describes as an option.

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