Thomas Mulcair’s two-year plan

The NDP leader talks to Postmedia.

In a wide-ranging interview with Postmedia News, Mulcair said this fall session will mark the beginning of a two-year plan to “not only define our adversaries but better start defining what we are going to be about in the next election. “What you’re going to start seeing rolling out a little bit more is the proposition part,” he said. “It’s not only saying why what they’re doing is bad, but saying what we would do differently, how we would pay for it.”

To that end, the NPD will soon unveil its plan for a pan-Canadian network of green renewable energy. The party is also working hard on concrete proposals related to fiscal and economic policy. “We’ve set the timer for two years. We know that when we head into the fall session in 2014, our job of defining what we want to do if elected and when elected in 2015 has to be done. Our job of defining who the Conservatives are and what’s wrong with their approach to dismantling some of the institutions that have defined Canada . . . will have to be done too,” he said.

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