UPDATED: We’re from the Conservative campaign, and we’re here to interrupt your holiday weekend with a very important message

So far over the Thanksgiving weekend, we have seen

  • a Quebec Conservative MP shows up at a Bloc Quebecois event at a farmers market to shout treadworn talking points at Gilles Duceppe, who dismissed him as an “imbecile” 

  • a late night leaflet drop by floorcrossing former Liberal-turned-Conservative candidate Wajid Khan, which attempts to lure Mississauga-Streetsvillians to Youtube so they can watch “the video that changed the election” 

  • an eleventh hour ad blitz against the local Liberal incumbent by yet another Conservative candidate, this time in Etobicoke Centre that was sufficiently egregious to spark an eleventh hour injunction against further distribution from an Ontario Superior Court judge 

ITQ is curious as to whether this is a series of uncooordinated, unconnected events, or evidence that, with just one day to go before the advertising blackout, there is a last minute guerrilla-style ground war being waged on the local level. Have any readers out there seen similar operations underway in your riding – by any party or candidate, of course, not just the Conservatives? Share your stories in the comments.

UPDATE: On Saturday, Colleague Wherry reported on an impromptu chant-off between Liberal supporters attending a Dion rally in Vaughan and the small – but undoubtedly mighty of spirit – contingent of Conservatives that showed up to protest the event.