We're not made of stone, people.

Dear Inmates of the Gloucester Reformatory for Wilful Boys (And The Odd Wayward Girl),

Okay, you finally got to me.  Seeing both Canadian news networks break away from Sideshow Baird’s Calvacade of Bombast — in CTV’s case, before surprise guest star Lawrence Cannon had even gotten a turn at the microphone — actually made me feel guilty for not making the trek out to Lancaster Road, if only to show support for those poor, uncredited Kenneykateers who likely spent the last few hours frantically pulling together briefing notes, uncrunching numbers and doing whatever else it takes to put on a half-hour show of force in response to the launch of the Liberal platform.

I wasn’t out there, so I can’t comment on the ratio of journalists to staffers in the room, but considering that the news conference started nearly an hour late, I’m guessing that there may have been some problem filling the room. I’m also not sure how many questions they took, because – as previously noted – not one network carried it live from start to finish. At one point, CTV did cut back to the Little Shop stage, to a shot of a very uncomfortable John Baird, in the middle of what appeared to be a agonizingly long pause, apparently in response to a question the viewers, alas, hadn’t had the chance to hear. Seconds later, he and Cannon walked off stage. It was, to put it mildly, painful to watch — so painful that, as a human being, I can’t help but feel my heartstrings being tugged.

Next time, I’ll be there, guys. Even if it’s just Jason Kenney waving around incomprehensible charts and graphs, and even if it means forking out $30 (each way!) for the experience, as ITQ readers as my witnesses, I’ll never let you go through that kind of experience alone again.

Filled with remorse, yet a fierce desire to make things right,

I remain,

Y’r most devoted liveblogging servant

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