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Was Mulcair ready to run for the Tories?

In reaction to a recent Maclean’s story, the NDP leader says never. A new source says he didn’t dismiss the idea.


Norman Bethune: Canadian icon or communist villain (or merely something to talk about this week)?

Conservative MP Rob Anders is displeased with the Harper government’s decision to provide funding for the Bethune Memorial House.


The Commons: John Baird and Thomas Mulcair haggle over segues

RhetoricalIy speaking, it was a dazzling duel

The Commons: Stephen Harper says a lot of things

Reminiscing about the Prime Minister’s words is always a good place to start–for entertainment’s sake.


A short history of the Harper government changing its mind on the mission in Afghanistan

David Pugliese reports that the Harper government is discussing with the United States the possibility that Canadian special forces will be on the ground in Afghanistan after 2014. This despite a vow two years ago that Canadian Forces would be out of Afghanistan when the current mission ends in 2014.


‘Same heart and same values’

The Prime Minister and Benjamin Netanyahu exchange greetings in New York.


Standing tall

After making a great show of dispatching Lawrence Cannon to Newfoundland to give Colonel Gadhafi what for, the Harper government apparently dispatched Mr. Cannon to Tripoli to smooth over any offence that great show might have resulted in.


‘The best politician of my generation’

Former foreign affairs minister Lawrence Cannon commends Quebec Premier Jean Charest.


Reading the documents: DFAIT 10

The documents tabled today can be viewed in their entirety here. Herein, a series of posts on some of the noteworthy files and disclosures contained therein.


The Russians are mocking

Russia’s Arctic ambassador questions the Harper government’s fears of invasion.


‘The government would look at the possibility’

Around the same time Mr. Harper said publicly that the post-2011 mission in Afghanistan would be a “strictly civilian mission” that would not require “any kind of military presence, other than the odd guard guarding an embassy,” he apparently indicated to the NATO secretary general privately that he was open to the possibility of a training mission.

Cannon in Cairo

Paul Wells on the Foreign Affairs Minister’s visit to Egypt