What do you call this most beautiful fabric?

The primary revelation from today’s committee hearings into the rebuilding of West Block seems to be that the Natural Resources Minister prefers cashmere.

The following day, Mr. Sauvé said, he received a call from one of Mr. Paradis’s aides who asked for an identical cashmere coat to be bought for Mr. Paradis at Holt Renfrew, at a cost of more than $5,000. Mr. Paradis acknowledges that the coat was stolen but denies that he directly or indirectly asked for compensation.

After Tuesday’s testimony, Mr. Paradis’s spokesman said the minister simply asked the Conservative riding association if he could be compensated $400 for the theft. Spokesman Richard Walker said that in addition to losing his coat, Mr. Paradis lost his keys, which forced him to replace a number of locks at his house. “The coat was worth $900,” said spokesman Richard Walker, saying it was bought at a wholesaler in Mr. Paradis’s riding.