What of that weekend in Toronto?

The one question Michael Ignatieff most noticeably punted at the St. Catharines town hall I attended last month had to do with police actions and civil liberties during the G20 conference in Toronto and here—setting aside our previously stated concerns about the use of analogy in political rhetoric—Doug Bell wonders where the Liberals are on this issue.

The largest mass arrest of Canadians in history and the Grits primary concern is that the cops were overwhelmed. It would be as if Martin Luther King in his letters from the Birmingham jail wrote to Police Chief “Bull” Connor complaining about the stress he was putting on his department’s German shepherds.

At a wintry moment in the history of Canadian civil rights, the Liberal Party is AWOL.

Police actions that weekend are now the subject of a rather large class action suit, while Toronto police chief Bill Blair has conceded that the kettling of 250 people on Queen Street was perhaps not resolved expeditiously enough.

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