What was lost and what goes on

Thoughts on the passing of Jack Layton from Heather Cleland, Michael Valpy, Jaime Watt, Adam Giambrone, Jamie BradburnJohn Moore and Edward Keenan. Arthur Milnes recalls the words of Arthur Meighen.

“The story of a nation’s heroes is the fountain from which it draws the wine of later life,” he said at a 1925 dinner in Ottawa marking the centennial of McGee’s birth. “There is no inspiration that quickens the ambition of youth, stimulates public service and deepens love of country like the memory of great men who have gone … It will help marvellously the cause of unity in this Dominion when all of us can realize that we (Canadians) have our patriarchs, men and women who have lived great lives, given to their country the last measure of devotion.”