What we're talking about when we talk about document disclosure

The government side has made a point this week of explaining that it has shared information with Elections Canada. The Conservatives have thus challenged the opposition parties to do likewise.

During a panel discussion on the CBC yesterday, Dean Del Mastro was asked to clarify which documents the Conservative party had turned over. He indicated that the party has provided Elections Canada with those documents that Elections Canada has requested.

Rosemary Barton. Dean Del Mastro, I just wanted to ask you about a speech that you gave inside the House earlier today. You said that the opposition parties should turn over their phone records to Elections Canada and then you said that the Conservative party already has. So I just want to be clear, what documents you have turned over.

Mr. Del Mastro. Well, we’ve made it clear that we’re fully assisting Elections Canada in the investigation they’ve undertaken in Guelph. So we’ve provided them any information they’ve requested in that regard, but the opposition parties have not, Rosie. In this case, we believe that they should.

Rosemary Barton. So you’ve just turned over documents in relation to Guelph, nothing else?

Mr. Del Mastro. Well, that’s what’s been requested, so, you know, we’re fully transparent…

Rosemary Barton. … So you would not proactively disclose all documents to Elections Canada. Anything to do with automated or live calls, to say you want to be transparent, here you go. You’re not going to do that?

Mr. Del Mastro. Well, in fact, we’ve provided transparency that the other parties have not…

According to a spokeswoman for the NDP, Elections Canada has not requested any documents from the NDP. Similarly, a spokeswoman for the Liberals says Elections Canada has made no such request of the Liberals.

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