When ministers of the crown tweet

Tony Clement: “OMGosh you mean we shouldn’t always genuflect when an expert pontificates?? I’m shocked, SHOCKED…”

Whatever the result of his last adventure in this regard, Industry Minister Tony Clement endeavours once more to engage the Internet.

dgardner David Frum takes “impartial” stock of the war on terror and concludes … he was right about pretty much everything.

TonyClement_MP @dgardner David Frum’s analysis seems spot on to me. Level-headed for someone under attack 9yrs ago today. Why so snarky?

dgardner @TonyClement_MP : I agree with some of it. What bugs me is seeing someone use his abundant intelligence to rationalize away any ...

dgardner @TonyClement_MP :…evidence of error and consistently conclude “I was right all along.” It’s a big theme in my forthcoming book.

TonyClement_MP @dgardner Unable to agree or disagree w you as I don’t know the context– does this mean I’ll have to buy your book retail?

dgardner @TonyClement_MP : You’re right. This is all a book pitch. I’m so ashamed. Hey, look at this:

TonyClement_MP @dgardner OMGosh you mean we shouldn’t always genuflect when an expert pontificates?? I’m shocked, SHOCKED…

dgardner @TonyClement_MP : There are options between “genuflect” and “dismiss with extreme prejudice.” Your gov should explore them some day.

TonyClement_MP @dgardner We do. What we do not do is assume that an expert is always a dispassionate & neutral observer. Bias is not the sole…

TonyClement_MP @dgardner….purview of those who labour in the partisan & political world.

stephenfgordon So anyone who disagrees with you is biased?

TonyClement_MP @stephenfgordon Of course not.But can u admit that there are some who claim to be scientific also pursue a POV that suits their world view?

stephenfgordon @TonyClement_MP Of course. But the way to make that clear is to address the substance of the criticism, not the POV of the critics.

TonyClement_MP @stephenfgordon I agree completely with you, so long as you are referring to both sides of a public policy debate.

stephenfgordon @TonyClement_MP Huh? You guys attacked ‘intellectual elites’ instead of engaging #census critics. There was room for compromise. Still is.

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