Why we don't need an Obama

As explained by Glen Pearson (he of this fame/infamy).

“It’s my belief that we don’t require a transformation figure, much as we’d like to have one. But what we do require is a kind of inclusive individual whose very words and thoughts transcend our present regionalism, or crippling moral failure towards the less-fortunate, and who can reconcile us with the planet. We are presently on a course that pits one voter group against another and plays regions of the country against one another, and we are the poorer for it. We require some who, like the new president-elect, can call on the best that is non-partisan in each of us and can summon us to a greater national identity through the massive challenges we face at present and the remarkable resources that have assisted us in overcoming great difficulties in our history. We need someone who will make Parliament work, will look at the opposition parties and say You’ve got a point and you hold it dearly. In fact, so do we as a party. But we’ve so much argued ourselves to the ground that we have precious little energy left to give to those people that actually elected us in the first place. Let’s make their needs our primary goal. Let’s find what we share in common and at least give them that. And then perhaps we can find compromise on the rest. This is the kind of leader Canada requires right now but he or she hasn’t arrived yet. When that person does appear, this country won’t be so much transformed as reconciled and functioning like an advanced citizenry. I have full belief that the great wells of institutional depth and intelligence in Canada will bring just such an individual to light. We don’t need transformation, just a inspired view of values once shared but now forgotten as we head of in all directions. That time couldn’t come too soon.”

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